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Art Services - The Brickellian

For the individual or corporate collector, an art consultant is an invaluable guide through the intricacies of acquisition.  Unlike an art dealership, The Brickellian does not maintain an inventory and has no vested interest in a particular work of art or artist.  The client’s best interest remains the focus.

From the beginning, The Brickellian will work with you to discuss your interests, needs and special tastes, and then help you form a collecting strategy.  Our consultations bring focus to each client’s personal taste.  The Brickellian client is a pampered client.

Finding and purchasing a work of art requires enormous attention, knowledge and contacts.  Whether your passion is for Van Gogh, Botero or an emerging artist, The Brickellian will focus on finding the piece you desire at the best price.  As a knowledgeable, hands-on art buyer, Ms. Holmes will be your personal representative, providing guidance and counsel as you navigate the complex world of galleries, private dealers and auctions.

The Brickellian serves as a resource for desirable works of art and as an agent for the purchaser.  In those roles, the company will negotiate purchases and protect the anonymity of collectors. Working with you throughout the process, The Brickellian will secure authoritative appraisals for insurance, estate and acquisition purposes; order documents; provide authentication; and verity ownership papers and certifications.  Whenever you see a work of art you wish to purchase, we trace the history and prior sales records (auction and/or private), reconstructing a history of that particular work and others similar to it to give you a sense of the market, past and present.  In addition, we search worldwide for similar works that are on the market or in private collections and may become available.

All of these factors allow our clients to make a decision and an offer from strength of knowledge.  The Brickellian puts enjoyment, adventure and security into the collection of art.