Arts and Special Events Marketing

Art Services The Brickellian

Art procurement and collection

Whether you are interested in blue-chip collectibles or works by mid-career or emerging artists, we travel the world to find what you’re looking for.

Arts Marketing Programs

The Brickellian develops arts marketing programs for cultural institutions, foundations, non-profit organizations, and corporate philantropy projects. We also sponsor informative lectures, educational programs, and special exhibitions. With connections to influential clientele, art collectors and artists, as well as extensive business contacts, we can arrange corporate sponsorship and boost donations.

Special Events

The Brickellian will coordinate every aspect of your special event, from catering, lighting and music to selecting the artists and pieces, organizing the exhibit and soliciting corporate sponsorships. No detail will be left to chance. We have orchestrated galas, art auctions, informative lectures and educational programs for our clientele.